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  • Access system equipment details from anywhere

  • SmartLabels enable instant access to all equipment information

  • Create custom equipment procedures

  • Preventative maintenance tracking and planning

  • Job planning, task risk assessments, energized work permits

AZM40 diagram.png
AZM40 image.png
  • Compact, flat design, 119.5mm x 40mm x 20mm

  • High Holding Force: 2,000N

  • RFID-technology for protection against tampering

  • Coding level "High" according to ISO14119

  • Actuator can approach interlock continuously within a 180 degree angle - allowing maximum mounting and door style flexibility

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bluetooth safety light curtain
SLC Assist app bluetooth lightcurtain
  • Non-conductive continuous temperature monitoring and alarming

  • High accuracy with calibration required

  • Up to 15 meter fiberoptic temperature probes - 80kV rated

  • MODBUS current sensor & ambient temperature probe

  • EtherNet/IP & MODBUS TCP/IP communication

  • Versatile, robust safety light curtain with Bluetooth

  • Complete diagnostics/status accessible via free mobile app 

  • Blanking, beam coding, double reset and more as standard features

  • Program & alignment screen on board; status indicator end-cap light standard