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Preventative Maintenance & Monitoring

Preventative maintenance, enhanced by cutting edge monitoring of machine health and performance, can make a facility more efficient and safer. Identifying and diagnosing failing components and suboptimal performance will help maintenance managers schedule planned shutdowns, avoid catastrophic machine damage, and keep workers safe from unexpected electrical and mechanical failures. And just as important: monitor this information remotely, 24/7.

The experts in acoustic ultrasound solutions

  • Manufacturing

  • Oil & Gas

  • Aviation

  • Power generation & transmission

  • Pulp & Paper

Detect compressed gas & vacuum leaks from up to 150 feet away and pinpoint their exact location in mere seconds. Early, long-distance detection of arcing, corona discharge, and tracking.

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Liberating industry with wireless solutions

  • System integrators

  • Plant engineering

  • Plant operation

  • Automation vendors

Ultra-reliable wireless data support black-channel-based safety in combination with essential and broadband data over wireless. From safety-related applications like robot control, machine remote control, and vehicle-to-machine communication, to communicating with AGVs, R3 has a comprehensive solution for you.

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