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  • Terminal blocks

  • Cord grips

  • Innovative cable management

  • Distribution blocks, relays

  • Wire labels & printers

  • Remote monitoring & forewarning

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  • High performance cord grips

    • Hygenic, EMC, ATEX, ​

  • Cable trunking

  • Corrugated conduit systems

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  • Complete safety management in the cloud

  • Online safety training platform

  • Asset management, risk, intelligent PM scheduling, worker tracking, arc flash, and more

HMI covers
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  • Voltage indicators & test ports

  • Through-panel connection ports

  • Equipment temperature monitors

  • Predictive Maintenance Systems

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  • Lockout tagout program development

  • Electrical safety program consulting and development

  • Preventative maintenance program

  • P.P.E.

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  • Largest selection of machine safety products in the world

  • Light curtains, solenoid interlocks, safety mats, sensors, etc.

  • SATECH safety fencing & machine guards

  • E-stops, push-button stations

  • Risk assessments, training, consulting

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  • Non-metallic enclosures

  • Solar combiner & transition boxes

  • Specialize in customized enclosures

  • Back panels, din rail, cutouts, vents, logos, paint, etc.

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  • Training

  • Risk assessments

  • CE Conformity Assessment

  • Engineering

  • Integration