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Safer Lock-Out Tag-Out with PESDs

Learn how to improve the safety and efficiency of LOTO by using PESDs.

Food Industry Solutions

Are you compliant with FSMA? See an introduction into Schmersal's extensive array of food industry safety solutions.

For more information on Schmersal Food Industry Products, click here


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Electrical Safety - by Design

An excellent introduction to the value of PESDs, how different workers are affected by hazardous energy, how to conduct a job hazard analysis, and much more.

Proactive Approach to Electrical


  • Mechanical/Electrical LOTO with PESDs

  • PESD Job Hazard Analysis

  • Risk Control Hierarchy

  • How to Improve Productivity

Schmersal Educational Video - Building a Machine Safety Mindset

Many individuals involved in machine safety design rely on their understanding of “what is safe” when designing or upgrading an industrial machine. This can lead to inconsistent machine safety methodologies amongst EHS, Engineering design, and maintenance professionals in a workplace. This webinar discusses the steps of building a machine safety mindset to achieve a more uniform company machine guarding and safety methodology.

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